Our story

Saltonomy was inspired by the utmost importance of salt across both ancient and modern societies, including Greece.

Back when refrigeration was yet to be invented, salt served as a natural food preservative, thus allowing all kinds of supplies to be transported around the world through ancient trade routes. Salt completely altered the course of history by paving the way for global farming diversification and facilitating cultural exchange between different civilizations, allowing humankind to grow and evolve in a plethora of aspects. Salt also served as a medium of commercial exchange, prior to the creation of currency.

Greece is conveniently located in a crossroad between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Back in ancient times, both its place on the map and a significantly large coastline have been essential for several inland and maritime routes, including the Silk Road. The transportation of goods, especially salt and other types of spices led to an unprecedented extent of cultural exchange between different civilizations, which shaped Greek cuisine as we know it.

Saltonomy intends to explore the same kind of exchange today, by exploring the roots, influence, and global popularity of Greek flavors and cooking techniques that shaped the universal culinary landscape.


Saltonomy aims to explore the globe bite by bite, to delve into the presence of the most celebrated traditional Greek recipes throughout the world, and to uncover the deepest secrets of Greece’s culinary heritage.

Saltonomy celebrates tradition, authenticity, and imagination. Our passion is to entice gastronomy enthusiasts and experiential travel aficionados into a vast source of knowledge and inspiration. Our purpose is to build a global network where people of different cultural backgrounds can participate in a genuine inquiry into Greek gastronomy. To share authentic Greek recipes which have impacted entire civilizations. To tell the stories of the flavors that shaped the world as we know it, with all the love and sophistication they deserve.