Privacy Policy

The website uses cookies to manage session management, to provide personalised web pages and to tailor advertising and other third-party content to your interests. Anonymised data is used for statistical purposes (Google Analytics). Cookies are also used to display personalised advertising (Google AdSense and IAB certified partners).

The disclosure of the use of cookies is both to protect the users of and to optimize the user experience of the website, to ensure proper navigation through the website and to provide personalized advertising content based on the general online presence of the users. The use of cookies also lies in the analysis of the way in which users browse the website and the usability of its structure and content, with a view to resolving problems more quickly. Any information collected is anonymous and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cookies will not cause any form of damage to your device’s software or the files stored on it. Without their use, your personal preferences cannot be stored and your experience of using both and the internet in general cannot be optimised. Cookies are completely secure, as they do not participate in the collection and processing of sensitive personal data.

For the statistical analysis of the behaviour of visitors to the website, we use the website analysis program Google Analytics, which in turn uses cookies and JavaScript to collect information on your computer. Each time you visit our website, our system records anonymised data and information from the visitor’s computer system.

Statistical analysis of the use of our website by visitors allows us to analyze the use of our website. The evaluation of the data we receive allows us to gather information about the use of individual elements of our website. This helps us to continually improve our website and its user-friendliness.

You have the option not to consent to the collection of your personal data. To refuse the collection of data from our website, you can activate the do-not-track setting in your browser. If this setting is active, our website will not store data related to you.

Note: The do-not-track command generally applies only to the device and browser in which you enabled the setting. If you use multiple devices/browsers, you will need to enable do-not-track individually on all relevant devices.

Where can you find more information on general cookie usage?

You can find more information on the general use of cookies, as well as methods of blocking or restricting them, at and

Changes to privacy policy

This cookie policy may be modified at any time, without the users of the website being informed before or after any modification of any size, either explicitly or in writing. For this reason, we consider it advisable to refer regularly to this policy. This policy became effective 01/10/2023. If it is amended, the date on which it was amended will be stated. The privacy policy, as amended by the most recent modification, shall always be deemed to apply.

If you wish to contact us on any matter related to the processing of your personal data, you can contact the website management, at the email address